3D Production

3D Studio Max - advanced level (6 years experience)

Plug-ins: VRay and Mental ray - advanced level

Modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering - advanced level

Character rigging skinning, key framing and mocap use - medium to advanced level

Rendering workflow - Backburner (pipeline management for small to large projects)

Scripting - medium level

Post production & video

Adobe After effects - advanced level (5 years experience)

Visual effects and motion graphics

Camera tracking and stabilization

Rotoscoping and wire/rig removal

Adobe Premiere - medium to advanced level (5 years experience)

Experience with 4K digital compositing

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop - advanced level (8 years experience)

Adobe Flash - medium level - No Action Script (1 year experience)

Adobe Illustrator - medium level


Strong hand drawing skills and handcrafts including electronics and engineering

Music composition (Piano) and performing arts (Dance)

Teaching & instruction (2D & 3D graphics)